Books and Modern


Books and Modern is a bookstore and a gallery together.

The bookstore stocks around 1,000 titles. The central focus of our offering is books on modern design and art. In addition there is a wide selection of cultural and literary books, philosophy, history, travel, music, cooking, fashion, novels, essays, diaries—intended to help appreciate modern design and art.

The number of books is not large, but all our books fall into the category of people, their times, their places and their cultures. The books in our selection are connected organically with each other. Taken together the collection attempts to create a multi-dimensional narrative about the world.

The gallery is a place to meet artists and their work. The work often has a humorous or poetic quality that is contemporary yet also rooted in tradition. In the gallery we will put on a series of exhibitions that will cover a wide range of genres from photography and graphic design to ceramics, glass and textiles.

In addition, in collaboration with artists and designers and their studios both in Japan and abroad, we have assembled a collection of pieces of art and items for daily living intended for sale. The beauty of all the items we carry is reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement in the 19th century. Our collection also has a sustainable feel to it.

We invite you to make yourself feel at home and browse the bookstore and gallery at your leisure.

Books and Modern, WAKAI Hiroko

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