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Extension of session of the exhibition, Sat. 26 Jan.

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Fri. 8 – Thu. 28 Feb. 2019 Mythology, Ibuki Kaiyama+Ok Eun Hui,

Exhibition of The finest Finnish ceramic artist, Rut Bryk, Fri 21 Dec.- Sat. 19 Jan. 2019

Fri. 16 Nov. to Sat. 8 Dec. Nao Saito Exhibition, Travel Through South Indian Kitchens

Fri. 12 Oct. to Thu. 1 Nov. HIRANO Eriko, Etching and Lithograph Exhibition

Fri. 21 Sep to Sun. 7 Oct. 2018 Vermeer, Ichiko Uemoto Exhibition

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

(日本語) 【御礼】加藤久仁生展9月15日トークイベントは満席となりました。

KATO Kunio Exhibition, POOL Fri. 24 Aug. – Mon. 17 Sep.

Fri. 20 Jul. – Sat. 11 Aug. kukkameri Exhibition, the loved house by artists

Tue. 12 Jun. “Book Special, Around the Arts and Travel”

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