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Finland Modern & Crafts/ wood, glass, ceramic arts &crafts, and films for 3 weeks
Slideshow, Film+Talk event & Teatime…

Finland Modern&Crafts

2016 Jan. 15 Fri −Feb. 6 Sat.

photo Hiroki Shinkawa 1

artworks by Yasushi Koyama, photo©Hiroki Shinkawa

Finland is the one of the Nordic countries and in Japan, we have great familiar feeling with Finland.

From the point of view of Scandinavian functional design, it’s tend to talk as Finland is almost in same Scandinavian culture of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. But actually, Finland is different from other North European countries and has very original own language and geopolitics. And in this context, Finland has been making progress own modernism and pursuing own sustainability.

The sense that choosing the real necessity without wasting and overdoing is also realized in the Finnish modern design and crafts.

“Finland Modern & Crafts” is the period of finding the chic of Finland.

photo Tuulipuu

artworks, photo©Tuulipuu

photo Hiroki Shinkawa 2

artworks by Jatta Lavi, photo©Hiroki Shinkawa

photo Hiroki Shinkawa 3

artworks by Aika Urata, photo©Hiroki Shinkawa


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